Cobra Considerations

One look at a COBRA medical health insurance Florida premium is enough to make a consumer start praying for affordable alternatives.  Though COBRA does serve as a valuable extension of coverage in situations of termination, death or divorce, there are other options available to you.  Do not spend hours searching through different policies on the Internet.  Call a licensed broker at Allegiance Financial by dialing (813) 837-5363 and schedule an appointment.  You can expect:


        A more affordable alternative.  Allegiance Financial has access to the top-rated markets in the insurance industry, and your broker will specifically match your health risks to a policy that fully covers you for your unique risks.  This personalized approach almost always results in lowered premiums.

        Expert advice.  Some individuals accept that they will need to elect COBRA until they secure another job.  That mistake can be a costly one.  For most individuals, there are a host of other options available.  If you are a high-risk individual who is difficult to insure, it may be in your best interest to elect the COBRA coverage.  If this is the case, your Allegiance Financial broker will let you know.


There is no harm in searching for a more affordable alternative to COBRA.  By contacting an Allegiance Financial broker during your medical insurance Florida search, you are taking the first step that could lead to a substantial cost savings. 


Call the number today.