Group Plans FAQ's

Health insurance Florida consumer, there's an old saying that goes: There's safety in groups.  When it comes to group insurance plans, it's often a sound assessment.  After all, many employers choose to offer a variety of election opportunities.  If youre lucky, they even pay your entire premium.  There's no doubt that group plans are ideal in certain situations.  However, even the best coverage merits a look.

Below, we answer some frequently asked questions regarding group plans and their alternatives.

Q: How are group plans designed?

A: Group plans are financially underwritten based on the tax ID number of the business and the number of employees on the payroll. As long as each person looking to elect coverage has had credible coverage for the last 63 days, no pre-existing exclusions exist.

Q: Why do my rates jump if I add a dependent or spouse?

A: Your employer does not pay into their premium. It is up to you to cover the entire amount. In this case, many individuals choose to look for individual coverage plans for their health insurance Florida needs, ensuring that their loved ones have adequate coverage and that their wallet does not suffer an unnecessary hit.

Q: I'm an employer looking to set up a good group plan. What do I do?

A: Contact professionals who maintain sound relationships with A-rated carriers like United, Humana and Aetna. They'll be able to secure the coverage you need. Whether you're an employee looking to shop your group health plan or an employer looking to put one together, Allegiance Financial can help.

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