Health insurance Florida brokers abound.  Select a reputable professional to partner with and you will enjoy the following advantages:


  • Individualized, professional advice.  Brokers are not beholden to a specific carrier; they are not paid a premium to suggest one over the other.  It is in their best interest to guide you toward the coverage that is really right for your unique situation.
  • Enlisting a health insurance Florida broker gives you a huge advantage over those who select their coverage based solely on price.  This is not a one-size-fits-all process; each clients medical history is considered in the choosing of a policy.  Instead of taking a company policy and trying to fit it with a persons needs, a broker takes the individuals needs and finds a policy that meshes.
  • Never pay more for the service.  There is no increase in premium if you work with a broker.
  • If you select a broker with experience in the marketplace, you will be exposed to a larger variety and selection of products.  To find out if the broker will be a good partner, ask him/her questions.  Will they answer the phone when you call and personally help you with concerns, or will they pass you off to another associate?


Allegiance Financial clients are assigned to a specific broker.

He or she helps the client through every step of the insurance process in order to find the best policy possible.

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