Discover Why Thousands are Choosing Affordable Health Insurance Solutions

Look at our Affordable Health Insurance Solutions roots and you will see a background full of successful financial counseling. As a fully licensed insurance brokerage, we offer protection in the form of insurance products through three high-rated carriers: Aetna, Humana and UnitedHealthcare Golden Rule.

Our niche in this market is directly correlated to our ability to recognize extremely competitive products and to offer them to our clients.

We cover:

  • - Single parents and families
  • - Whole workplace populations
  • - Single individuals faced with the possibility of expensive COBRA coverage
  • - Breadwinners who know that purchasing life insurance keeps their family economically protected

We quote extremely quickly and accurately, providing our clients with coverage as soon as possible.

To discover whether Affordable Health Insurance Solutions can help you secure low insurance rates for quality policies, click the "Apply Now" button on our website and access our rapid issue option. Within a few minutes, you will have entered enough information for us to provide to the insurance carriers, and we will be able to procure a quick quote comparison for you. Instead of just offering you one choice, we will provide an entire list of options.

Purchase coverage online immediately, or assuage your health insurance Florida concerns by contacting us here at Affordable Health Insurance Solutions. You will reach a fully licensed insurance professional - not a recording - and you will be able to make your coverage determination quickly and accurately with expert guidance.

Contact Affordable Health Insurance Solutions today at (813) 837-1099.