Explaining the HMO

Health insurance Florida insiders bat around terms like "PPO" and "HMO" as a matter of course.  Become a true consumer of your health care by understanding the meaning behind the HMO acronym before you elect a health plan.  Doing so will likely not only save you money, but will almost certainly mean that your coverage will be well thought-out.

  • So what is a HMO, anyway?  Health insurance Florida seeker, that is a great question.  "HMO" is short for "Health Maintenance Organization."  It is ideal for those who plan to stay within their network.  Here is an example.  Lets say that you wake up with a fever.  Instead of driving to the first doctor's office you reach, you consult your network information and visit one covered by your plan.  This ability to stay within the confines of your network often allows for significant cost savings compared with other plans.
  • How do I know if an HMO is right for me? Ask yourself another question: Do you live in a large metropolitan area? If so, your HMO likely has many providers for you to choose from.  If you have a pre-existing medical condition that may necessitate visits to a specialist not in the network, do not choose an HMO. You will end up paying more.  Health insurance Florida holders who elect HMO coverage must pay particular attention to their provider network, for that is where their cost savings stems from.

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