Quitting Smoking Can Improve Your Overall Health and Personality

Smoking can generally affect your health as well as your personality. A study conducted by the University of Missouri shows that those people who quit smoking can improve their overall personality. Smoking can be impulsive for some young adults, said Andrew Littlefield who is a doctoral student in the College of Arts and Science under the Department of Psychology.

He said that 18 year olds who smoke are favoring the enjoyment that they have experienced at present than suffering the consequences in the future. Sometimes they would say that they already know that smoking is bad for them but they smoke anyway. But there are also some young adults who show impulsivity in quitting smoking.

Based on the study conducted by the MU researchers, those individuals aged 18-35 that smoke has high impulsivity and high neuroticism. Impulsivity is to do a certain thing without thinking about its consequences.

Neuroticism is to be anxious and negative at all times. Littlefield discovered that those persons who are high in impulsivity and neuroticism are likely to engage themselves in detrimental actions such as smoking. Those individuals who quit smoking are the ones who have great declines in impulsivity and neuroticism during the age of 18 to 25.

18 years olds who smoke have high rate of impulsivity compared to non-smokers.

Those who quit smoking shows a remarkable decline of impulsivity at the age of 18 to 25, said Littlefield. If a person continues to smoke as he ages, then smoking becomes a component of his regular behavior. The causes of smoking in the later life of a person are sometimes craving, tolerance, regular habit and loss of control.

The news source of this article is University of Missouri in Columbia. The study is conducted by Andrew Littlefield from the Department of Psychology.

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