Despite Recent Health Scares, There Is No Health Risk in Drinking Apple Juice

Some people are becoming hysterical due to the recent publicity that there is a certain amount of arsenic found in the apple juice that their children usually drink. But according to the Food and Drug Administration, they are very confident about the safety of apple juice.

Arsenic can be found in the environment as a product from human activity contamination. Sometimes it can be present in water, food, soil or even in air. It can be in the form of organic or inorganic, explains Donald Zink, PhD, who is the senior advisor of FDAs Center for Food Safety and Nutrition. Some people believe that there is a small amount of arsenic that can be found in specific foods and beverage products which include juice concentrates and fruit juices.

Zink further added that he completely understands the concern over the present reports that apple juice contains arsenic because he himself is a parent as well as a grandparent. He says that there is no evidence of any health risk from drinking apple juice and any other juices. FDA has been conducting some tests on these juices for years.

There is a big difference between organic arsenic and inorganic arsenic. Organic arsenic is generally harmless while inorganic arsenic can be harmful. FDA has been conducting a series of tests during the past six years so that they can track down the arsenic contamination in apple juice and other juices. This is due to the increase of foreign producers in the juice market, according to Henry Kim, Ph.D. who is the supervisory chemist at CFSAN.

The news source of this article is FDA & U.S. Food and Drug Administration. The study is conducted by Donald Zink, PhD, who is the senior advisor of FDAs Center for Food Safety and Nutrition. Apple juice and other juices are safe to drink and there are no health risks associated with it according to the Food and Drug Administration.

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