The New NCD Guide to Help You Improve Your Health

A practical guide for non-communicable diseases NCD was recently launched by health professionals from all around the world. This guide can definitely help individuals as well as health professionals in decreasing the risk of non communicable diseases (NCDs).

At least 60% deaths globally are caused by NCD. The WHPA has introduced a Health Improvement Card which basically contains a health scorecard. This scorecard has an easy to use guide which is designed for individuals as well as health professionals.

The World Health Professional Alliance or WHPA are exerting every effort in reducing the occurrence of non-communicable diseases all over the world. WHPA is a worldwide organization which is composed of pharmacists, dentists, physicians, physical therapists and 26 million nurses in 130 countries.

This organization is very much concerned about the universal epidemic of NCD or non communicable diseases which includes cancers, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, mental disorders, respiratory disease, oral disorders and others.

These serious illnesses are great threats to the social development, economic development and most importantly to the human health.

According to the spokesman of WHPA, Jean-Luc Eisel, the one thing that is missing in the society today is the means of informing these patients and individuals about their responsibility in improving their health. Eisel is also FDI World Dental Federations Chief Executive Officer.

Eisel further stresses that these Health Improvement Cards from WHPA are created by health professionals with the input from several health partners, patients and WHO. It aims to educate several people towards the positive behavior as well as lifestyle modifications.

The news source of this article is World Health Professional Alliance or WHPA. Non-communicable diseases (NCDs) can be prevented by using the Health Improvement Cards which was developed by health professionals around the world. Taking precautions to avoid non-communicable diseases is a great way of saving money and making yourself healthier.

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