Florida HMO Health Insurance Explained

Florida HMO health insurance plans have become a very popular option for health insurance. A good Florida health insurance medical plan can provide you the healthcare you deserve.

A Florida HMO health insurance plan can be one of the most cost effective plans you can choose. An HMO or a Health Management Organization typically offers coverage for every medical need.

An HMO is offered by most of the large carriers. Basically like the name implies HMO is a managed care offering. The larger organization works to keep medical costs down by implementing guidelines for care.

Some people find belonging to an HMO to controlling for their tastes because you can not pick and choose your doctors. You have to see only doctors in the HMO network if you want the service to be covered.

Overall most HMO's work for most people and most people are very happy with the structure.

There are several key terms that are associated with a FL health insurance medical services plan that is an HMO.

PCP- Primary care provider. A primary care provider is the medical professional that oversees all of your health care needs. This medical professional can be a MD, PA, NP (medical doctor, Physician assistant, nurse practitioner respectively). The PCP will provide you with all of your basic health care and will decide when you need to see a specialist.

Referral- a referral is used to get the authorization for specialty care. Your PCP will write the referral and the HMO will either approve it or deny it. The HMO will also set the appointment with the specialist should your referral be authorized.

Co-Pay- Your co-pay is the share that you have to pay when you visit the doctor. This will be disclosed to you when you receive your initial quote.

PCM- Primary Care Manager- this person is usually not a medical professional and works for the HMO. Your assigned PCM is the person that will insure all your referrals are processed.

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