Health Studies Revealed the Reason behind the Drop of Men's Testosterone

According to the new research, the levels of testosterone of men may drop when they become fathers and it will continue to drop over time. Earlier studies have shown that fathers are the ones who have lower testosterone compared to those men who do not have children and having the same age.

However, it's not quite clear whether men who are having low testosterone can become fathers or if fatherhood can hold back the level s of male's sex hormones.

The findings in the research show that human males are biologically meant for parenthood. According to Christopher W. Kuzawa, PhD who is the co-author of the study and an anthropologist at the Northwestern University, the main idea is that men are considered as providers and females are responsible in raising their children. The study clearly shows that men are meant to be fathers.

The research is based on 500 young men who were part of the health and nutrition study. The testosterone levels of these men were measured during the start of the study then measured again at the end of the study. The study was conducted for almost five years.

All of these men who participated in the study are all single and have no children. During the later time, one third of the men entered into relationships and became fathers. During the start of the study these single men have higher testosterone levels.

The men who became new fathers have experience a drop in their sex hormone levels far greater than the drops observed in men who have no children. Fathers who are more engaged in taking care of their children are having the lower testosterone levels compared to those who are not.

The news source of this article is Gettler, L.T. PNAS Early Edition and Lee T. Gettler from the department of anthropology at Northwestern University.

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