What is Florida Medicare Advantage?

If you are a senior living in Florida and either receive Medicare or are about to receive Medicare than you most likely have questions about Medicare Florida supplement plans. You are not alone. Many people that are eligible for Medicare find themselves asking the same questions that you are asking.

There are huge gaps left by Medicare in what is covered and what the actual cost of health care is. Florida Medicare supplement plans or Florida Medicare Advantage can help you close the gaps.

The Medicare Improvement and Modernization Act of 2003

Florida Medicare Advantage is not a supplement plan! It is an option to traditional Medicare. The Medicare Improvement and Modernization Act of 2003 allowed for private carriers to offer Medicare alternatives. The result was the Medicare Advantage plans.

These plans offer at a minimum the same basic coverage that the traditional Medicare Part A and Part B do but typically offer far more in way of coverage. Medicare Advantage plans are replacement plans.

The changes thanks to the act of 2003 opened the door to opportunity for people that are eligible for Medicare. Supplement plans became much more comprehensive and much more available. Many more health insurance carriers offer these types of plans than ever before.

Which Choice is Right for You?

Deciding which Medicare Advantage plan or which Medicare supplement plan is right for you, usually winds up leading to more questions. Choices are good because they make health insurance companies compete with each other for your business, but they can be confusing.

It gets to the point where deciphering which plan is best for you becomes almost impossible without a bit of guidance. Fortunately www.humanatampa.com is available to help you decide.

Getting Started

You can get started today! Affordable Health Insurance Solutions has the answers to your questions. You can speak to a fully licensed health insurance broker to have any questions or concerns answered immediately. You also have the option to provide some basic information online and have a list of quotes returned to you. Whatever you feel most comfortable with is fine because at Affordable Health Insurance Solutions client care is the number one priority.

Affordable Health Insurance Solutions is a reputable firm that can shed light on your Medicare options. Get the expert advice that you need to make an informed decision. Get your free no obligation quotes today for Florida Medicare supplement plans and Florida Medicare Advantage!