Florida Medicare Supplement Plans

Anyone that is currently enrolled in Florida Medicare can attest to the importance of having one of the good Florida Medicare supplement plans in their corner. Florida Medicare supplement plans can help you close the gap that is left by Florida Medicare.

Medicare Florida is health insurance that is subsidized by the federal government. The program is available to all residents of the US who meet the following criteria:

  • Age 65 and older or
  • Permanently disabled or
  • Have end stage renal failure

You are eligible for Florida Medicare if you fall into one of these three groups.

Some Facts

Florida Medicare is usually not free unless you are indigent. Most people think that Medicare is just handed to you but in reality you have to pay a premium each month. One part of Medicare is free Part A but that only covers a portion of hospitalization. Medicare Part B covers doctors visits and it requires that you pay a premium each month.

Medicare does not provide 100% coverage. This is also a common misconception. Medicare actually only covers a part of your healthcare needs. For example Medicare does not have a very comprehensive prescription drug plan. Medicare Part D the prescription drug coverage part of Medicare fails miserably in providing the coverage that most people need.

Florida Medicare supplement plans are affordable. A lot of people do not realize how much cheaper it is to simply pay for a supplement plan as opposed to paying out of pocket medical expenses.

Shopping for Supplement Plans

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