Keeping the Costs Down

Your health is personal.Your health insurance Florida coverage should be as well. To keep costs down and protection levels up, don't take the first policy offered to you.  Health insurance rates vary widely depending on the type and scope of coverage.  Consider the following truisms and contact a reputable agent to guide you on your search.

  • -Looking at your options may save you hundreds of dollars each year and still protect you.  Fill out the instant quote form on this website to shop your current insurance.  You are always free to decide not to elect coverage, and there's no obligation to buy.
  • -A group plan does not a perfect insurance plan make.  There are definite merits to group plans, especially if your employer is paying most of the premium. However, individual health insurance Florida seekers can often find lower rates for themselves and/or their dependents.
  • -The secret is in the underwriting. Group plans are evaluated based on financial information, while individual plans are awarded based on medical underwriting. The difference can be substantial when your health and yours alone is the basis for your quoted premium and benefits.
  • -You could be denied. This isn't meant to be a pessimistic statement, but rather a warning not to procrastinate.  If you are in need of coverage or if your coverage is about to expire, act now. Secure a quote.

Request an instant quote and contact Allegiance Financial today at (813) 837-1099 for all of your health insurance Florida needs.