What is a PPO?

Health Insurance Florida shopper, understand this acronym and you will be on your way to becoming an educated healthcare consumer.  "PPO" is short for Preferred Provider Organization.  Similar to the PPO is the EPO, or "Extended Provider Organization."  Both are explained in depth below.

  • PPO - It is not enough to choose a plan based on the fact that they offer a PPO. You see, no two PPO's are created equal.  Some offer little more than a directory of physicians.  Find a true network of doctors, and you'll find that your rates have already been pre-negotiated and set.  Doctors choose to be part of a PPO primarily because they are assured a near-constant patient flow this way.  It is a give-and-take situation; they see more patient traffic, but in turn charge lower rates.  One concern is that a PPO might use a potential health insurance Florida patient's medical condition to exclude them from coverage.
  • EPO - Traditionally a smaller network found in large metropolitan areas, an EPO occurs where an insurance carrier already has a substantially deep network, often with a Medicare or military contract.  Premiums are therefore lower in this area.  Due to its proximity to MacDill Air Force base, Tampa residents stand to enjoy more EPO benefits than residents of other parts of Florida where there is no military presence.

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