How Do Humana Florida Provider Networks Work?

The vast majority of health plans, including Humana Florida are using a managed care program which is based on a provider network. Before managed care plans came into existence most of us saw our doctors on a fee for service agreement. Each of the different doctors also had wildly different fees for services and even doctors in the same town and same specialization had wildly different fees.


The provider network plan changed all of that. The health insurance companies like Humana Florida got together with a number of doctors and hospitals in many different specializations and brought them all together under one group. The doctors all agreed to regulate their fees lower in exchange for the influx of new patients and to send their patients to others in the network when specialists were needed.


When you become a client of a provider network based health insurance plan such as a HMO, PPO, or POS plan you will choose a primary care physician from within this network of doctors. That one doctor will be responsible for your care and keeping all of your medical records from any other hospitals or specialists within the network. This offer several advantages for you.


The biggest advantage is that with all of your records supervised by one doctor the dangerous drug interactions and treatments problem has been all but eliminated. Usually your primary care physician knows every treatment and medication you are prescribed within the network and can keep an eye on how treatments and drugs work together ensuring symbiotic or complimentary care protocols.


The other real advantage is fees. Many people did not and do not go to the doctors office for treatment even when ill due to the high cost of medical care. Doctors within the network have agreed to charge minimal fees to patients from the health insurance plan which can save you hundreds on your care.


Do you have more questions about how provider network based health insurance works? Just give us a call and we will be happy to explain how health insurance can work for you and help you to find a policy from a top rated company like Humana Florida.