ACP Offers Options in Reducing Health Care Spending

The American College of Physicians (ACP) has made some recent recommendations in reducing health care spending. This organization has written a letter to the Congressional Joint Committee about their recommendations. The American College of Physicians (ACP) has thousands of members.

Virginia L. Hood, MPPS, MPH, FACP, said that they are offering a committee which can achieve the deficit reduction by billions of dollars. It also aspires to remove the increasing rate sustainable projects. It promotes improved quality results, says Hood, ACPs president.

The letter further suggests that a nationwide initiative should be addresses in order to enhance the use most valued care against lesser valued care. Low value care refers to the care that has small benefit or no benefit at all to patients.

This is based on ACP's model of High Value which is the Cost Conscious Care Initiative which is to preserve and widen Graduate Medical Education financing. All payers must participate in this funding and allocate funds according to the needs of the workforce. It also maintains some funds which can be allocated for programs generally supported by ACP.

ACP further suggests certain modifications in the governments health care tax policy, Medicare and other reforms.

According to some experts this can lead to billions of dollars savings from the budget. ACP agrees that physicians must display leadership by participating in discussions which involved in the reduction of spending for Medicare and other government health care programs.

According to ACP's proposal, there should be a global initiative in reducing the billions of dollars annually spent on low care or no value care to patients. Patients as well as physicians should be provided with the utmost information about health effectiveness.

The news source of this article is the American College of Physicians. ACP's letter is created in order to promote high value care to patients.

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