Plans for the Self Employed

Health insurance Florida shopper, you are probably searching for protection in between marketing your business and servicing your customers.  You are self-employed, a member of that category of entrepreneurs who enjoy creative freedom and the ability to pave a unique career path.  When you gave up the 9-5, though, you also gave up the assurance of an employer-funded health plan.

This does not have to be a problem.  You make your own hours; why not make your own insurance policy? It is not difficult.  Request a quote online and browse the many options; you may find that your coverage is less expensive now than when you worked for "the man."

It does not take a genius to figure out why.  Health insurance costs are driven by the sick, not the healthy.  People who are reasonably sound on the medical front are "lumped together" in an employer's plan, which must take costs into account.  Often, the healthy pay for the sick and this does not make for deep health insurance discounts company-wide.

You already think outside the corporate box. Now, it is time to find insurance a different way as well.

Click the"Apply Now" button on Allegiance Financial's website, health insurance Florida seeker and you will find a variety of policies to select from.

Select coverage based on your health risks and yours alone and discover whether you can save money while achieving the surety that comes with knowing you are protected.


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