The New System for Diagnostic Codes Used By Health Care Providers

The federal government has recently updated their diagnostic code system, mandating hospitals and doctors to use the new system which significantly uses as number of diagnostic codes. These diagnostic codes are the ones used by health care providers.

Today the system that is being used by hospitals and doctors is composed of 18,000 codes. Each of these codes describes a particular medical service which is reflected on the bills that will be sent to the insurers. However, this does not allow enough distinctions.

That is why the federal government has mandated the new version which has an expansion of more than 140,000 codes. This allows more precise meaning to each and every code used. For example, there is a specific code for what particular bone is broken or what type of artery is having a stent.

This new system is developed by the ICD-10 or the International Classification of Disease, 10th Revision. These developers revealed that the new system can result to the exact and updated accounting of different diagnosis and other inpatient hospital procedures.

Consequently, it can also improve the system of payment strategies and help in the care guidelines. According to Pat Brooks, senior technical adviser at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, this can be a great way of producing accurate data and delivering quality care.

The news source of this article is News Medical. The developer of the new diagnostic codes is ICD-10 or the International Classification of Disease, 10th Revision. The federal government mandates every hospital and doctor to use the new system.

The new system can definitely help the health care providers and health insurers in the processing of payments. Each disease can be identified clearly because a specific code is assigned to it. It can make your diagnosis fast and prevent further damages in your health.

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