Finding high quality, low cost Medicare Advantage and Supplement plans can be a confusing process- but here at Affordable Health Insurance Solutions we have live agents ready to help you through this important process. With our advanced quoting technology we give you multiple quotes to help find the best plan. Are you ready to begin?

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Welcome to Affordable Health Insurance Solutions

Welcome to Affordable Health Insurance Solutions. Our company commitment to helping clients achieve financial stability is so strong, we have made it part of our name! We swear allegiance to you by pledging to do our best to find you competitively-priced, inclusive insurance policies. Florida customers from the tip of Tallahassee down to the beaches of Miami benefit from our insurance services.

We are here to offer guidance when you need it most. It is a service we always promise to deliver, whether your search is for a personal policy or a group plan. Along with health policies, we also quote life insurance, both term and permanent. Our major advantage can be found both in our quick quoting process (provide us with information today; we likely can quote coverage within 24-48 hours) and our access to very competitive products. We represent Aetna, Cigna, Humana and UnitedHealthcare Golden Rule.

All applications are subject to underwriting and not guaranteed issue.

Our clients vary from single mothers, who discover adding their child to their employer's health plan is exorbitantly expensive, to employer groups looking for fair coverage for their workforce. All it takes is a few minutes and a willingness to protect yourself, your family or your employees.

Contact Affordable Health Insurance Solutions today at (813) 837-1099. Select health insurance Florida by partnering with a company dedicated to finding you proper protection.